2010 Canadian Masters Windsurfing Championship

Well, as was announced last week to Dryden’s Centennial Committee and the whole media blitz that followed, Northwest Ontario Windsurfing (NOW) is super stoked to let you all know that Dryden, Ontario will be host to the 2010 Canadian Masters Windsurfing Championship! This major national windsurfing event will take place Aug 6-9 during the same time as our city’s 100th birthday celebrations, so there will be lots to do for the windsufer’s, and non windsurfer’s alike. I would ask all my wind brother’s and sister’s whom I’ve met over the years to attend our special event in 2010. This is a dream come true for myself and our local windsurfing community. Your attendance in 2010 will be acknowledged with deep gratitude, aaaaand maybe a beer or two 🙂 You may want to compete in the regatta, or just simply hang out and have a holiday weekend that promises to be full-on in the social dept 😛

Look for lots more about our windsurfing club NOW and the 2010 Canadian Masters Windsurfing Championship’s on this web site.

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